The Beaxy Blaze Program’s first campaign effective from June 10, 2020 and continues until further notice.

Beaxy Blaze Program Terms

  • Beaxy Exchange will burn 250,000 BXY tokens when the average daily volume surpasses $2,500,000 across the exchange.
  • A total of 10 million BXY tokens will be burnt for each round of the campaign.
  • BXY tokens will be from circulating supply, total supply, or both.
  • If there is a 30 day period without recording an average daily volume of $2,500,000 or more, the exchange may cancel the program without prior notice.
  • UPDATE: The Beaxy Blaze program was canceled effective November 1st, 2020, as September did not meet the trailing 30 day average daily volume requirement.
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