Main HelpFAQ How do I withdraw funds?

We offer convenient buttons for withdrawals that can be accessed from the Trading Page or the Balances page.

Clicking any of these buttons will open a withdrawal window for the appropriate currency.

In this window you will see the icon, name, and ticket symbol of the currency you have requested to withdraw, as well as your balance information for that currency. This is your total balance, your available balance, and any funds that have been set aside for open orders.

On the right hand side, there are open fields in which to enter the address you would like to withdraw to, as well as the amount you would like to withdraw. The withdrawal fee is also calculated and displayed here.

Your daily withdrawal limit is based on your user level, and any funds withdrawn in any currency are converted to their BTC value based on the price on the exchange at that time, and then subtracted from your maximum.

It is important to note that the fee required to withdraw is used to process that withdrawal on the blockchain.  It is not collected by Beaxy. The fee is different for each blockchain and is constantly changing. Beaxy will always be checking and updating this number for each blockchain.  If you are withdrawing an ERC-20 token it will be calculated in ETH and then converted to the particular token before charging the fee.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you do not attempt to transfer a type of currency into an inappropriate wallet. For example, if you attempt to transfer ETH into a BTC wallet, the funds will be lost and there will be no way to recover them.