What is DASH all about?


Dash is a cryptocurrency designed for private peer-to-peer payments with a focus on transaction speed. The network adopts a decentralized autonomous organization governed by masternodes more commonly known as the Dash DAO, making it a two-tiered network that incentivizes nodes to equitably maintain a state of decentralized governance. Participants of the Dash protocol need to lock up at least 1,000 DASH to become a masternode. Dash nodes, much like Bitcoin nodes, work to clear transactions out of the protocol’s mempool. The project distributes the block rewards between miners, masternodes, and the treasury used to fund the organization’s development. The miners validate transactions in a highest-to-lowest fee order. With Dash, privacy is optional using PrivateSend and payments can be instantly settled with InstantSend. Dash is widely adopted and users are able to purchase goods with Dash at thousands of merchants across the globe.

What are the Payment Methods to buy DASH?

Buy Dash, it’s easy when you choose to pay with a debit or credit card on our exchange. You can buy DASH instantly when you open and verify an account.  Once your account is active you can buy dash with credit and debit cards as well as bank and wire transfers. You can use Mastercard and Visa when choosing to buy DASH with a credit or debit card. Using a card is the fastest and most efficient method used to buy DASH. When you sell DASH you can transfer the FIAT funds to your bank account.

Additionally, you can buy DASH or other digital assets right on the exchange, or make a deal with someone you know to complete a transfer. You can also use a third party service like Paypal to buy your initial DASH coin. Once you have your DASH in a waller, you can trade it on an exchange. These types of trades are available on every crypto exchange. The process of funding an exchange account can be overly complicated for newcomers. Therefore, it is recommended that newcomers make their initial crypto deposits or payments with a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.