What is BXY all about?


The BXY token is the native token of the Beaxy Exchange. As an ERC-20, it is built on the Ethereum blockchain and tradeable on secondary markets. BXY is used by Beaxy Exchange community members to reduce fees, vote on initiatives, leave tips, and many more.

How to Store BXY?

The easiest method available for storing BXY is by holding in the wallet provided to you when you buy BXY on the exchange. It is very convenient to hold BXY on the exchange but you should ensure that your account is fully secured when you have assets that may be tampered with. 2-factor authentication, withdrawal limits, and IP whitelisting, are essential security measures that you should enable on the exchange before you buy BXY. At Beaxy, we offer industry-leading security to our clients through our partnership with Curv, an institutional grade custody provider. This gives you bulletproof protection on the BXY that you hold on Beaxy Exchange. To add more security to your BXY holdings, you can use a cold storage wallet for ERC20 tokens such as MyEtherWallet.

What are the Payment Methods to buy BXY?

You can buy BXY instantly when you use a credit or debit card on Beaxy Exchange. This is the easiest method and so it is recommended that newcomers use a card while they learn more technical aspects of cryptocurrency. You would open an account and complete the verification for the exchange and credit card processor. After your identity is confirmed, you will have an active account and will be able to make instant BXY buys or sells whenever you want. Visa and Mastercard are both accepted when choosing to pay with a card on Beaxy. Another method to buy BXY is by connecting your bank account to your Beaxy account and moving funds to purchase the BXY token. 

Other methods of payment to buy BXY include using a third-party payment processor like Paypal, completing a wire transfer, or swapping funds for BXY with someone that you know and trust.